Oxford Children\'s Rhyming Dictionary
Oxford Children\'s Rhyming Dictionary
Kiadás éve: 2014
ISBN: 9780192735584
Kiadó: Oxford University Press
Oldalszám: 160
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The Oxford Children's Rhyming Dictionary is the perfect tool to help children write their own poetry. The alphabetical list of words that rhyme with an index of sounds make it simple to find a rhyme and reinforce spelling skills. These are accompanied by lively illustrations, and amusing and inspiring poems by John Foster.

At the back of the book engaging activities are included, which explain different types of rhymes, from raps and chants to limericks and couplets, to help children understand different varieties of poetry. These are combined with activities, tips and prompts to encourage children to write their own verses.

Developing language and creative writing skills, supporting an emphasis on reading and writing, the Oxford Children's Rhyming Dictionary is the essential guide to rhyming for children.